Dec 31, 2008

What is right in my life?

There is a great need for us, as individuals, to create a context within our life which allows us to make the best choices as we move forward.

Right here and now we can feel fantastic about ourselves, enjoy life to the full (it sounds so trite, yet it's such an admirable aspiration!), live in a way which gives us a sense of belonging in our own lives (if you don't feel like that, you'll know exactly what I mean).

I think that it’s better to be realistic than overly optimistic. I ‘m happier to cut my losses than try for something I just can’t have. It’s better to think small and be happy when things go well, rather than think big and be disappointed when they don’t.

I like the idea of reinventing myself but the thought of it scare me stupid.

Wow, I’m happy to make a decision all by myself, with no one holding my hand or anything! I’ve got enough confidence to take a chance but I’m not too proud to shrug it off if it turns out wrong. If it succeed, its make me happy, that’s great!

But if it all falls flat come two minutes past midnight, I’ll feel good that at least I tried! I creating a better life.

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