Dec 3, 2010

Need a hobby? Try archery

Archery? What, like shooting a bow and arrow? Yes, that is exactly it! Archery is a fun and relaxing hobby that men and women of all ages can enjoy. You can enjoy it on your own, or shoot with your family and friends.

That's great, but why should I take up archery? Archery is a quiet, solitary sport that can be competitive or non, and doesn't require a whole lot of physical fitness or skill when you are first starting out. Plus, you are filled with a great sense of satisfaction when you release your arrow, hear it hit the target, and then see that you actually hit what you were aiming for. Quiet, non-strenuous activity that requires your complete attention and focus is very healthy for you because it produces a calming effect on the brain which then reduces stress

Bows come in all shapes and sizes, and can vary widely in price range. You first need to decide what type of bow you want to shoot: longbow, recurve or compound. A longbow is a very traditional style bow, like what you might imagine the soldiers of the past would use to defend their castle. It is made up of a single wooden stave (the curved wood part), a hand grip and of course the all important string. A recurve looks similar to the longbow, but is made up of a riser (the middle of the bow) and two limbs and is commonly no longer made of wood. A compound bow looks like a whole different animal; designed for hunting, it is smaller than the recurve and longbow and has a pulley system at either limb that allows the shooter to hold less weight after (s)he has drawn the string back. Compound bows allow you to make lots of adjustments on them so that they fit your needs and they come with lots of cool "goodies."

How will I know which bow is right for me? Well, go to an archery store and try 'em out! Most archery stores will let you test drive a bow and usually have a small range right there in the store for you. The people who work there should be able to match you with the right bow for your needs. I shoot a compound bow, so I'm a little biased towards them and will now discuss them a little more in depth now. When checking out a compound bow, you will probably come across something about Draw Weight and Let Off. The draw weight refers to how much weight you are pulling when you draw back the string. Think of it as the amount of resistance. The more weight you pull, the faster your arrow will fly. Bows will usually give their draw weight range, which tells you how heavy or how light you can adjust your bow. Let Off is the ratio between how much wieght you pull back and how much weight you are holding once you've pulled the string all the way back. So, lets say you've got a bow that says it's let off is 80%, and your draw weight is 30 lbs; this means that you will only be holding 6 lbs at full draw. This is nice because it allows you to take your time when aiming at your target without your arm feeling like it's about to fall off.

This is just a basic overview of the sport of archery and some of the information you should consider when you decide to get into it. The best reason to pick up archery is that it is fun! There are numerous other benefits that you will discover as you continue to shoot and improve. So, why not start today?

Note: Imah ngan en somi sangat suka games nie....pic yg atas tue imahnya anak panah susahnya nak kena point dier...kuikuikui sbb baru 1st time....hehehe

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